Conference Program, 11-13 June 2017


June, 11th

Location: Lukasklause, Schleinufer 1, 39104 Magdeburg


June, 12th

Location: Lukasklause, Schleinufer 1, 39104 Magdeburg


June, 13th

Location: Lukasklause, Schleinufer 1, 39104 Magdeburg

8.30 am


9 am



Welcome by the president of the University of Magdeburg, Prof. Jens Strackeljan.

Welcome by the department head for innovation and business development at the Ministery of Economics, Science and Digitalization of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, Mr. Hennings.

Welcome by Prof. Michael Friebe,  Chairholder of the Chair for Catheter Technologies and Image Guidet Therapies at the Otto-von-Guericke university Magdeburg.

Overall conference introduction and goals.

Research Focus Magdeburg

The University Magdeburg will give you an introduction about topics in Magdeburg:

  • What are the influences of exponential technologies in the health care sector?
  • What has the highest value in medical technologies: Easy to use and cheap?
  • What does that mean for development goals and for education?
  • How to raise money for research
Community Update

Members of the BME IDEA give updates about their current work and developments.

Working Session: Health Care Challenges


Impulses for future developments in health care.

Active Working Session: Challenges

Preparations for the White Paper.

Working session answering the questions: “How will the situation in providing health care look like in 10 to 30 years in either the developed or developing world? What educational programs need to be established to cope with the developments?”

9 am

Stanford Biodesign

Stanford Biodesign Update (Prof. Jan Pietzsch)

Prof. Jan Pietzsch will give updates on leading edge Biodesign developments. After a short presentation he will answer your questions.

Community Update

Members of the BME IDEA give updates about their current work and developments.


Prof. Georgios Sakas

Clinical Panel

Panel Discussion: Perspectives of Clinicians

This panel discussion focusses on the perspective of the clinicians. We will try to find answers to the following questions:

  • What is the status quo for clinical day-to-day jobs?
  • What will it be in 10, 20 and 30 years?
  • What are clinicians expecting from the technology community?
  • Where lies potential for entrepreneurial reinvention?

The Panelists will be Prof. Martin Schostak, Prof. Christoph Arens, Prof. Christoph Lohmann and Dr. Fei Tian.

12 pm

Working Lunch

12 pm

Wrap Up & Farewell

You will be able to discuss the conference results and define the follow up.

1 pm

Working Session: Ideas

Working Session: Ideas

Regarding the future health care challenges working session will answer the following questions here: “What solves the challenges in providing health care in either the developed world or developing world?”


Prof. Michael Dahlweid

Digitisation Panel

Panel Discussion: Digitisation in Health Care Industry

The panel question is: “What does the digitisation mean for the health care industry?”

The panelist are Prof. Heinrich Overhoff, Prof. Georg Langs, Prof. Michael Dahlweid and Dr. Kumar Rajamani.

Working Session: Possibilities

The working session came up with future health care challenges and ideas to address these. Now they are focusing on: “What should be the main research and development directions in medical health therapies for the next five years?”

1 pm

Working Session: BME Idea Community Only

The challenges, ideas and possibilities for the health care future will be summarised and published after the conference. Authors will be able to discuss this collaboration.

Furthermore they will be able to:

  • exchange their teaching material,
  • share their insights on degree programs,
  • apply for a joined EU-application or
  • follow up on Aarhus (BME Idea conference from 2016) results.

Input from the European office of our university on potential funding schemes, Mrs. Martina Hagen

Coffee breaks will be held in between.

3 pm


Sultan Haider

Innovation Strategy Panel

Panel Discussion: Innovation, Education And Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Health Care 2050

The panel question is: “Health Care Visions – How will I prepare for the change as small, medium and large enterprise?”

The Panelists will be Prof. Michael Dahlweid, Sultan Haider, Prof. Georgios Sakas and Dr. Jörg Traub.

Community Update

Members of the BME IDEA give updates about their current work and developments.

5 pm

Poster Session & Snacks

Selected poster will be presented here – they paint a possible health care future. Have a look at our Call for Abstracts.

6 pm

Drinks & Fun at the Elbe

The river Elbe is close by and the local beach bar as well. Time to switch to informal conversations and some refreshing drinks.

7 pm

Sightseeing Tour (Walk)

Magdeburg is the capital city of the state Saxony-Anhalt. Its history reaches back over 1200 years. In the 17th century Magdeburg was a notable member of the Hanseatic League. 90% of its inner city was destroyed in World War II. After that, Magdeburg was part of the Soviet Zone Occupation until the reunification of Germany. Dive into this adventure and join us for a sightseeing tour. Register here.

8.30 pm

Speakers Dinner

Speakers dinner by invitation